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Actual Day Videography

The talented Priscilla Goh (Discovery Channel, Man Vs Birds, Director/Editor/Writer) is our resident video artist at Light&Memories.

Priscilla holds a double-major degree in Studio Art (Experimental Cinematography and Painting) and Foreign Affairs. Priscilla fell into the TV industry by accident when her cinematography professor recommended her for a bilingual editing job in China where she worked on shows like Masterchef and The Amazing Race: China Rush.

Priscilla’s eureka moment happened just like Isaac Newton’s, when inspiration fell from the sky – and landed on her head and shirt. The FTFM Singapore initiative is her first time working on a documentary, and her first time directing. Most recently, she edited Jason Lai’s Ms J Contemplates Her Choice, starring Kit Chan, Xiang Yun and Bobby Tonelli, which premiered at the Singapore International Film Festival last year

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